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Pacific Desh is the Bangladesh’s leading food and spices manufacturer and distributor. Since our foundation in 2004, consumers across the region have come to recognize the Pacific Desh brand as synonymous with quality. Every day, we live and work by the maxim: ‘Quality you can trust.’

A quality culture exists throughout the Company. It begins with strategic decision-making by the Board of Directors and senior management, extends across our farming, manufacturing and distribution operations and is integral to the development of our employees’ professional skills. We have similarly high expectations of our suppliers and vendors, and exercise rigorous quality control measures across our procurement activities.

Our mission is to bring the grain and spices to customer with its full freshness and taste. Our modern technology keeps the product in high quality package so when it reaches to the customer they can taste it to its full aroma.

The vision of Pacific Desh extends well beyond agro based commodity sales. Our objective is to bonding people and food cultures across the world through highest grade products of Organic.

Strategic Overview

Pacific Desh is the Bangladesh’s largest food and spices manufacturer and distributor. Our objective is to provide high quality, nutritious food and spices that enrich consumers’ lives every day. Focused on quality, we are the consumer’s preferred choice for superior products that meet their needs. We maintain market leadership across our core product categories by leveraging consumer insights and through our dedication to delivering high quality products and services.

Putting  consumers first

We focus on continuous improvement and diversification of our offering across existing categories. To achieve this we follow a rigorous process of research, development and quality assurance. Our consumers can thus be assured that our Spices, Bakery, Edible Oil and Commodity Food products have been conceived and developed to meet their specific needs. Careful

Managing our supply chain

Vertical integration requires Pacific Desh’s stringent quality standards to be met or surpassed at every stage. First-class ingredients are sourced from around the world before passing through industry leading manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh. We import 1.5 million tonnes of food materials, an increasing proportion of which is supplied from our different country around the world. These are managed according to international best practice principles, ensuring the highest quality product.

Growth &  expansion

We are committed to the ongoing growth of our presence in existing categories – and expanding our reach across the region. In 2016 we continued to grow sales across core categories. The expansion of our geographic footprint since 2005 has reduced our reliance on sales in the market, while product diversification has reduced dependence on our range. Innovation and efficiency gains will generate stronger cash flow and improve Working Capital management to support Capital Expenditure for future growth.